Using Tags in Evernote

Experimenting with screen casting! In HD goodness! My first post on using Evernote for my work. This is one example of how I use tags in Evernote. When I’m leading a meeting, I’ll put all of my slide decks, reference materials, and the actual agenda into separate notes. I then use Tags to create a custom view of those documents on the iPad.

This allows for the files to live in their own notes, and reduces the amount of duplication I have within Evernote as a whole. Once the meeting is over I’ll go into those notes and remove the tags.

I didn’t script this, and it shows, but I wanted to get something put together and online to get my feet wet. I’ve got a real Mic coming this week, and for future videos, I’ll put some more time into outlining and scripting.

More to come!

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