Radio Sucks

These days, I rarely listen to the radio. Most of my car time is spent listening to a few podcasts, but mostly Dave Ramsey. On the off times though, I liked to listen to 101.5, which in Phoenix was talk radio. I would listen to Adam Corolla in the morning, Tom Leykis in the afternoon, and Big O and Dukes on the way home from the dojo.

I like all of these shows. Unfortunately, 101.5 recently changed over to a hip-hop station. Uggh. Thankfully I can get Tom Leykis as a podcast, and Corolla, I think I can get shortened versions of the Adam Corolla show, but I’m afraid that Big O and Dukes are out of work. This makes me sad.

So it looks like I’m now officially “all ipod, all the time” aside from NPR goodness, which I will probably switch over to podcasts now that talk of the nation is offered.

Hopefully Big O and Dukes will be able to find work at another station, and start podcasting there.

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