Lies Lies and Lies

The disgusting propaganda of the Tillman and Lynch stories just makes me sick. This cold, cynical manipulation of the American people just fills me with rage. It’s telling about our government and military that Tillman was a strong proponent of our efforts in Iraq, left a lucrative NFL career, was shot by his own platoon, then had his family lied to, and his death shamelessly used as a patriotic puppet show to promote the war effort.

Listen to Kevin Tillman’s congressional testimony, and Lynch’s and tell me you’re not filled with outrage.

If you think we’re not actively being lied to about the war, and that you can trust the media to act as a watchdog for this sort of manipulation, you are mistaken. I also can’t help but believe that if we still had a rubber stamp republican congress, we would not be hearing these stories.

Glenn Greenwald pretty much sums up my thoughts.

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