It’s been an interesting week. Dayne and Julie are down from Alaska, and last weekend we hit the Grand Canyon and the lava tube in Flagstaff, along with a little frolf. It was good times. While we were up there, we also picked up a Wii.

We were planning on heading out to Carlsbad on monday, but no-one felt up to the 6-8 hour drive it would take to get there. So instead, we hung out on Monday and played the Wii. I played a lot of tennis. Kelli started feeling bad.

Tuesday was some more puttering around and good times.

Wednesday rolled around, and I started coming down with what Kelli’s been feeling. I get through work, but am pretty much done.

Thurday and Today have completely kicked my ass. I can’t take deep breaths without coughing, I sound like Darth Vader, and I have a temperature of over 100. Ughh.

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