Almost done with Netflix

So I think I ended up on the wrong side of Netflix’s punish-meter. I was a customer a few years ago, and left because they were throttling me.

I re-upped after the lawsuit thinking they would start chilling out with that. I also made sure I kept DVDs for at least a couple of days. All was well for the first month. The last month however has been a constant battle. It started out with a long wait (over a week to receive DVDs from a shipping center in Phoenix), then a long return wait (also over a week). Both times I had to report the disks as lost, which hey! the next day they showed up. Go figure.

So last Tuesday I returned 3 disks, got a shipping notice that I would receive them on Thursday, and guess what. No disks on Thursday. No Disks on Friday, Saturday nope, Monday nope. Today I get a notice that netflix has received one of the 3 back already! Awesome! So either: USPS is screwing up, or netflix is screwing with me, or netflix’s shipping department is smoking crack. My bet has been that they’re screwing with me, but given today’s situation I’m wondering if they are simply on crack.

Either way, I’m this close to moving over to Blockbuster. If the next set of DVDs follows this same pattern, I’m out.

Update: Looks like sometime in the last month Netflix somehow dropped my apartment number off of my address. We’ll see how this affects deliveries going forward.

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