Feeding the Beast

You guys may or may not know, but I’m a voracious consumer of information. I read all the time. Most of that reading comes from the internet. The main reason for that is I can quickly source information from all over the place when I stumble on something interesting. But I’m already digressing.

The other day I was at work, and ran out of things in my feed reader. I had some minor bits of work to do and was feeling a lot of resistance to doing them. When I wondered to myself why, the answer was that the work brought no new information to me and wasn’t challenging. Just pushing data around.

Recently at work I’ve been feeling more and more twitchy. Partially this is because we’ve hit a point in the project where we’re taking a lot of data we’ve gathered and we’re looking at different ways of presenting it and categorizing it. It feels like the learning portions of the project are more or less complete, and now it’s just about validation and implementation which just seem like slog work to my brain.

I understand there’s plenty of opportunity for me to learn things from the upcoming work, but the volume of learning is falling way off. It’s sort of weird, but I really feel like I want to constantly be in a wash of information for my brain to do interesting things with, and when that information saturation falls off, I start feeling uncomfortable.

So this is a sort of long round-about way of saying that I’m getting bored at work again despite a relatively high volume of work. Need to find a way to remain engaged in the project even though the fun stuff for me is probably already over.

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