The Jovi, and a Weekend with Rain

On Thursday, I went to see Bon Jovi at Glendale Arena, for which I had suite tickets from work. I brought the laptop along to get a little work done, and they had the wifi rockin’ despite the door people applying a “no cameras or camcorder” rule to laptops for some inexplicable reason. I flat out told the guy I wasn’t going back to my car and who did I need to talk to who wouldn’t mistake a laptop for a camera. He sent me to the media gate, who had no problem at all with the laptop. During the show, I saw tons of flashes coming from the audience, so apparently the door crew wasn’t doing a very good job.

The show was very good. The whole Jovi team looks pretty much the same as they did in the 80s, and are all in pretty good shape. The sound was very good and except for a few minor note changes in difficult songs, Jon Bon Jovi’s singing was very good.

Friday night, Doug came down from Flagstaff to hang out and a good time was had by all.

Saturday and Sunday were relax and play video games days. I hit up Metal Arms, and Kelli played Mario Sunshine. Very mellow.

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