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Well, in a few short hours, I will have moderated four focus groups for some of our internal people. Two more to go next week. I was telling Kelli last night that it has been almost two months of arranging and conducting research across the country with our customers and in most of the areas of our company. It will be nice to settle back into the designing portion of the project soon.

Qwest is coming out tomorrow again to look at the inside of the apartment. Looks like there’s something going on with the wiring in the condo. The technician suspects there was something funky with the piggybacked nature of things (it’s wired in parallel one room to the next). I disconnected all the other rooms from that pair though, and I’m not seeing any improvement.

So we might end up switching to the second pair coming into the apartment and praying. I have access to the box, and could do it myself if I had the correct punch down tool. But I don’t, so we’ll figure it out on saturday.

All the other wall plates were of course painted inside like all the one in the office, so there’s a good chance that the wiring wasn’t really taken care of when the place was put together or last renovated. So there’s also good chance I’ll be switching back to Cox for internet service and rolling the web sites over to textdrive for lifetime hosting.

I’d rather keep the server in house, but I have to admit that the ridiculously fast speeds that cox is pushing out these days are very tempting. My neighbors at the old place were routinely getting more than 500KB/sec. That would also free up the mini to be a testbed Mac.

I still hate 10.4’s reliability. I’m getting random kernel panics every now and again on all my 10.4 machines, and today, I just randomly lost mouse clicks. It would track fine, just not click. Sigh. This is why the department I maintain at work has not been updated to 10.4. I don’t want to have to explain to people that stuff is just randomly wonky, so just restart and you’ll probably be okay for a few days. I miss you 10.3.

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