Qwest has Failed Me

Qwest was out here for the last time today. Turns out that at the phone room, there’s nothing more than 608k/sec available for the upstream, even at the server room. We checked speeds out at the box, and it was at 1228 down and 512 up. On either pair into the condo, we’re maxxed out at 896 down and 512 up. The 896 also jumps all over the place. Tech told me there was really nothing else they can do.

So, this post is coming from a newly activated Cox internet connection, which I was able to have active in about 10 minutes (I already have a cable modem). A quick speed test reveals 800KB(bytes) or 6 Megabits, sustained down and 512kb/sec upload (or the same as DSL).

Currently for my DSL I’m at 67 dollars a month. Cable internet is $40. So I’m paying $27 a month to host my own sites. At that rate, the $500 lifetime hosting from textdrive is paid for in 18 months. I’ll miss running my own mailserver, and having complete control of the box, but I think it will be worth it. I can also sell the Mac Mini that’s currently hosting the site for around $350 and take a big chunk out of that hosting bill. I also don’t have to worry about maintaining a server. Good times. So that’s the way we’re going to fly.

So the payment is made, and now I’m just waiting for the set up e-mail. Depending on when that comes, you might see some drop outs here and there while things get moved over, but I’ll try to make things as smooth as possible.

It’s been a good ride hosting things myself, but all good things come to an end. Qwest will get cancelled as soon as the DNS entries populate, probably on wednesday or so.

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