The Condo, DSL and Lighting

Turns out that Qwest is locked out of the phone room here, so I went on a quest (hah) to find out who to talk to. Found the Association Manager, who is from a professional management company. He wasn’t in today. Left a message with his assistant at 8:15 am asking for info on the room. Called back at 11. Still not there. Called again at noon and finally got a hold of the assistant. She gave me the name of the on site maintenance guy, and I called Qwest. Turns out no one got scheduled for today (big surprise) so it’s on for tomorrow.

Current state of the connection: Down Stream 608 Kb/s Up Stream 512 Kb/s

Good times.

In the living room and the office, there is no outlet controlled by a switch. That means that the lights need to be near the doors, or we need to learn to see in the dark while stumbling around for the lights. Or we apply technology to the problem. I’m all for technology.

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