Hacking Around

Hrmm. I’m really digging the Squibble Theme for WordPress, and it looks a lot like what I’ve been thinking about doing for this little website. It would mean moving this blog over to wordpress, but that certainly wouldn’t break my heart.

Learning photo seriously needs a design refresh.

A couple of you have checked out isolatedinstance.com but I haven’t garnered any feedback. Given that I never respond to anyone’s e-mails I guess that I have little room to complain. We get the friends we deserve. 🙂

Kelli is currently wrestling with what we think is probably a kidney infection. I personally believe it’s from eating too much foreign cheese. But I’m not a doctor. Apparently the pain is on order with appendicitis which is not cool at all. Thankfully it’s being mellow at the moment.

The photostream on flickr is providing interesting feedback. This may be a peculiarity of my homies, but it sure seems that people are far more attracted to the run down city shots than the landscapes. A photo of a door is my most viewed for chrissakes.

Now that’s not to say that the most viewed will translate into the most sold, but it’s interesting data nonetheless. It really got me thinking about people’s emotional connections to photographer rather than their artistic connection to it. I’m personally attracted to images of urban decay because of feelings of excitement I had around abandoned buildings as a kid. I loved having unlimited access to places that if they were populated would be off limits to me. I’m still fascinated by the idea of buying some huge old factory and making some kind of useful space out of it.

Landscapes certainly appeal to emotions as well, but perhaps the reasons city dwellers live in cities in the first place is that their emotional connection to the landscape isn’t that strong. There’s a difference between an image that is interesting from an artistic point of view, and one that evokes some emotion.

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