A Time for Changes

Okay kids. We’ve made the switch. After some recent SNAFUs with Movable Type, and the discovery of a wordpress theme that I really liked, I decided it was time to make the switch.

WordPress is really impressive for what it offers, and it’s themeing system is amazing. With one folder dragged into the themes folder, I have 5 plugins running and a whole new look to the site with new functionality. So cool.

I’ve still got some customizing to do, but for the most part this is how it’s going to look. You’re going to have to re-subscribe to the feeds unfortunately, but I’m way too lazy to put in redirects from the old ones. Hey, the permalinks work from Google.. what do you want from me?

New Flickr is in place from a photo excursion yesterday to Gila Bend. More old doors! You should probably just subscribe to the feed.

I’m also working on getting real categories assigned to the posts so there’s some meaningful data here. WordPress will also allow for comment subscriptions, category subscriptions and all kinds of RSS goodness. So if you only want the weekend updates, and not my geeky rambling, you’re in luck.

Comments should be rocking again as well.

Let me know what you guys think.

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