Okay, a couple of fixes are now in place.

Learningphoto has had it’s annoying auto line breaks removed which makes the photo review entries render correctly now. I also fixed an issue that was preventing the previous entry links from working.

This blog now has a properly working comment pending template that needs some prettying up, but at least it’s working. For the record and the google juice: How do you fix the “You must define a Comment Pending template” error?

The only way I found was to hop into the database and manually add a template record that I had copied from a newly created blog. I couldn’t find any other way to do it. Either I’m lame or MT is lame. I’m going to guess it’s MT.

I also updated the Lappy to 10.3.4 which once completed, promptly kernel panicked the machine. Geigh. So after a very long restart, I used 10.3.4’s new ability to verify the boot drive. It reported a problem needed to be fixed. Okay. Target disk mode to the G5, disk utility again. No problem. Lame. Reboot lappy. Run disk utility again. No problem. Whatever.

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