A Little Late, I Know

So, here’s the customary weekend update, on a Tuesday.

I had Friday off last week and headed up to Sedona to shoot some oak creek fall photos. Turns out oak creek is not yet into fall colors and everything is still pretty green. Also, this time of year, if you want any sun shining down, get to Oak Creek early in the afternoon. By 3 or so the sun is blocked by mountains and you get some flat pictures.

This was my first shoot with the Whibal. And it’s performance was great. Even though I was shooting in bright daylight, my circular polarizer was knocking out so much light that I had to use a tripod.

I’ll get some images up on Flikr soon.

Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out with Doug and playing Resident Evil 4, which is a pretty decent game. I like playing it, but I had a little time remorse afterwards in that most of my weekend was shot and I still had things to do, like process my photos from the shoot.

This weekend I’ll be hanging out at the Dojo for a seminar with one of our highly ranked black belts. Should be fun, but I’m already kinda tired from lack of sleep on the weekend.

Got a notice that it’s time to renew the lease (actually a couple months away still) and at least on the notice, they did not offer any of the concessions that they did when we moved in. This would push our monthly rent to $1350. Which of course is not going to fly. I really like this place, and would love to stay, but it really torques me when apartment managers won’t give the same concessions to existing customers as they give to new ones. I’m going to hit up a couple of places when I have a chance and find out some rates, but it would be nice to reduce rent to something in the $800-900 range.

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