So Listen, About My Phone

I’m kind of a jerk when it comes to my phone. I generally don’t like talking on the phone, and do very little of it. I think the last 4 months have seen something in the realm of 150 minutes total each month.

I don’t answer it a lot of the time. If I’m in a situation where it would be at all awkward, I won’t answer. If it’s important, leave me a message. Otherwise, I’ll note you called and catch up to you, probably via e-mail.

I probably won’t call you back. I usually pretty busy through most of the day these days, and finding time to sit and have a 15-30 minute conversation is hard. On top of that, my reception at work is non-existant. Sorry about that. I’ll catch up to you, probably via e-mail.

My phone is always on silent these days as I have to sit through so many meetings.

I really try to get back to you all, but I’m often just pressed for time these days. Except for yesterday when I played Grand Theft Auto all day. That was different.

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