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Okay, so spammers have been punching through MTs spam protection and actually managing to get things live on the TGB. Not cool. I’m thinking of implementing scode, but it sounds like a pain in the ass to set up. Blah. Think I might just force all comments into moderation for the time being.

Tweaked my neck at some point last night in practice, and by the time I got home it felt like I had slept wrong on it. We’re doing lots of throws this week, and I’m helping 2 people out with demos, so there’s plenty of opportunity there for something that would cause this, but I have no idea what actually did. It’s a little better this morning, and Advil is helping things.

Boss talked to me the other day and said that her VP boss had asked her to consider running the system my project will eventually set up in our company to assure great customer experiences. She pushed that down to me as well and told me to start thinking about taking a position managing it. Interesting. Could mean a very significant raise.

Looked at an apartment complex close to work yesterday, and while in the general price range (899-1050), they were a little on the high side and not nearly as nice as the place we live now. The upside being that they are only about 1 mile from work. There are a ton of apartments in this area, and weekend after next I plan on getting out there and hitting a lot of them.

Having to look for an apartment has really bummed me out. I really like the place I live, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay $1350 a month to live there. I feel sort of abused and put out to have to move to maintain a realistic rent. I tell myself that it’s a great opportunity to find a new place, find new ways to get our stuff set up, discover another part of town, save money, etc. But I really don’t want to move. Blah.

The other side of that is that even if I save $100 on rent personally, that represents the equivalent of a 3% raise when considering my take home salary. considering a 3% raise is standard these days, that’s pretty decent. Another thing to consider is that Kelli and I spend so little time in our apartment as it is, that having a really nice place probably isn’t the best way to be spending our money.

I’ve now got a 24“ Dell monitor at work, and I used to use a 20” Apple display. I had the 20“ off to the side until I could move it to another user, but yesterday on a lark, decided to hook it up. Man photoshop on 2 large monitors just rocks. Having bridge open on one display and camera raw on the other is very nice.

Kelli returns from Vegas today, and I have no idea when I’m supposed to be picking her up.

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