Yammering of Another Sort

Spent the majority of last weekend up in Flagstaff for Doug and Brindi’s baby shower. Got to see a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a while which was very cool. Had my To-Shin Do promotion Friday, which was cool despite my bumbling through it.

Got the new Xbox all chipped up and hooked into the 24“ Dell. Moved over most of the data from my other Xbox last night. 480p games really look like ass on that big of a screen, but 1080i is just pretty. I really need to get some speakers with an optical input on them, but I’ve been burning a hole in the wallet with the tech purchases recently, so I think that’s going to wait a bit.

Time has come to send the powerbook into Apple for some repairs before the warranty is up. Last night while loading up the xbox, the ethernet jack broke. The little bit of plastic that secures the ethernet plug broke while removing the cable last night. Gotta love plastics that get brittle with age. The bottom case warped just a bit about 2 months after I got it, but it never bothered me enough to do anything about. Also my C and V keys are popping off due to a screen calibrator falling onto the keyboard from a short distance so those need to be replaced. Typically that last bit wouldn’t be covered by warranty, but I doubt the store will care.

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