Dashboard Idea

So I’m thinking about making up a little dashboard widget for managing To-dos. This may or may not be a pain in the ass. I know pretty much zero javascript, but I’m sure I can gleen what I need from the intarweb.

What I’m concerned about is interfacing with SQLite to store the to-do information. WikityWidget writes to SQLite, but it looks like he wrote his own little app to do so. I need to look into how much of a pain it is to do this. I might just have it read the to-dos from iCal files instead.

I’m annoyed by the fixed size requirements for widgets, but with appropriate design it shouldn’t be too bad in this case. I’m planning on using a little DOM magic for re-ordering the lists which should be cool.

In theory this shouldn’t be terribly hard to do.. but we’ll see.

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