Must… Kill…

So this morning was really cool. Kelli woke me up about a million times between 6:30 and 7:30 breaking up the sleep schedule pretty badly. Then when I finally got back to sleep I woke up to find out that my crappy el-cheapo alarm clock decided to not go off this morning despite being set correctly and turned on. Crappy cheap fritzy clock. So then I hop in the shower only to find that in the process of re-plumbing our building yesterday (and flooding 2 of our neighbors) they turned off our water heater and didn’t turn it back on. Mmmm cold shower. Awesome.

So all I’m saying is that you should probably avoid me today if you don’t want scissors sticking out of your head in some odd fashion.

On a lighter note, yesterday I picked up a new xbox for the office and did the reading up on modding the new 1.6 Xboxen. I was planning on buying an older xbox used, but they don’t seem to sell for less than $100, and given the DVD drive problems of the older models, it’s hard not to just spend $49 more for a new one. Modding the 1.6s is a little more difficult, but I threw down for the solder-less adapter and should be able to make it work. It should be very fun playing HD games on my new 24“ Dell monitor.

Can anyone recommend a good set of speakers with optical inputs?

Also switched our wireless network over from WEP and the crappy Linksys routers over to WPA and pure Apple Airport. I have to say, it’s fucking impressive how easy it is to set up WPA and WDS with Apple products. Out of the box it took maybe 15 minutes to get everything done, with the airport admin app completely setting up my Airport Xpress correctly the first time. Cool.

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