A Busy Week

This week has been pretty busy at work for a change. Pretty cool

Got a whole bunch of camera gear in for a new thing we’re doing. Also ordered 3 new G5s today for our designers, which means I get a dual 2 ghz hand me down, which makes me happy. This means I will get core image goodness at work. Huzzah!

The lappy is off to the lappy repair monkeys in the sky. We’ll see if it comes back in one piece.

Going through the budget and getting ready to throw about 5 grand at Adobe for software upgrades, but we’re going to have to wait for Font Reserve to catch up to CS2 and Tiger. Considering how badly Font Reserve plugins crash the current Indesign, we can only go up from here right? Looks like they fixed the problem in indesign CS where objects with transparency couldn’t have drop shadows or effects applied without issues. Only took them 2 major revisions. No biggie. What’s a little lousy transparency handling between friends?

Running the optical out from the Xbox into the optical in on the G5 at home for the audio goodness. Line In is providing the necessary passthrough. This is until I can find a set of 5.1 speakers that have a couple of toslink inputs and don’t cost $400.

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