Feelin a Little Spotty

Of course, when I got home last night, all of our weird network issues had resolved themselves. As far as I can tell, there was no DDOSing going on or anything silly like that. Probably just a flakey router somewhere upstream. So far everything seems fine tonight, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Updated LearningPhoto.com to WordPress 1.5 and updated it to a nifty new template. I need to modify the template quite a bit, but I like it as a starting point. Now that the server seems pretty stabilized I think it’s time to start putting some energy into photography again. I’m going to get a store going over there for buying prints using a paypal shopping cart. I’ve got some decent ideas for presentation that I like. I think I’ll probably put up some adwords ads and see if I can drive some traffic to the site and sell some prints. I really have to start dedicating time to the business of selling photos if I want to make any amount of money off of it. I don’t really care about getting rich, or even making a living from photography, but it would be nice if it could subsidize my camera equipment purchases. And of course it would be nice to make a little extra money.

I’m going to try and dedicate 1 hour a day to the business side of it and see what I can come up with. If I can spend 2-3 hours a day in martial arts, I can spend one hour building up the photo biz.

I’ll probably do some of the design work tonight as I’m going to lay off of To Shin Do tonight. My left calf has gone from a nice sharp pain to a generalized burning. This most likely means it’s healing up nicely, but it’s really weird and uncomfortable for the whole muscle to feel like it’s in an oven. Gotta love having a muscle full of lactic acid. We’re going to be rehashing last weeks california seminar at a shorter local seminar on saturday and I’d like to make it without being in a ton of pain. On a fun side note, I’ve got blood pooled in my left foot from all the bruising on that calf. So cool.

This weekend Doug is promising to come down and hang out and play the new Resident Evil with me. This sounds like a lot of fun. Kelli has some friends from CA rolling into town who she will be hanging out with so it should be a pretty chill weekend.

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