Saw and Stuff

Watched “Saw” last night. I’d rate it a 6.5. Acting was good but the story telling was pretty sub par. I didn’t find it even remotely scary or suspenseful, and the “twist” at the end isn’t something you can guess so don’t even try. It’s just dumb. It’s one thing to drop lots of hints about lots of characters, eventually reveling the bad guy, and another to drop hints throughout and then pull someone out of your ass at the end.. I mean really, it might as well have been Santa Claus.

Kelli is all aggro about some expensive shelves she bought that don’t really hang correctly because they are cheaply manufactured and have a lot of slop in them. She called a couple of minutes ago looking for hole filler and venting a righteous rage. She needs some decaf.

My leg bruises look really cool. I should take a picture.

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