Piper Down!

Looks like we had some pipe issues on the server earlier today. Both my box and the big swede’s were unavailable for a good chunk of the morning. Both seem fine now. Unfortunately investigation will have to wait until after work. I’m suspecting it was just a network outage, but it could have been my DSL router being difficult.

I’ve been managing to get to To Shin Do every night this week despite some serious leg pains left over from last weekend’s seminar. My left calf is still charley-horsed and might right knee has decided to be annoying. Thankfully we’re not doing a lot of leg work this week.

My instructor called this page boring because of all the server related technical yammering I do here. I think that’s a complement of some sort. I guess I just don’t have enough personal drama to fuel a personality blog.

I guess I could whine about how I used to be the number one hit for “joe mullins” in Google, and because of the 4 day outage at my last provider, I no longer show up at all. Google doesn’t fuck around.. if they can’t crawl you for a couple of days, your pagerank is screwed.

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