So It's Been a Few Days.. So What?

Had an extremely fun, extremely painful weekend training with the very nice folks over at the California Warrior Quest Society under John Poliquin. We covered a lot of things that are waaaay beyond my current abilities, but it was a lot of fun regardless. I enjoyed seeing how other people in the art train and how they differ from our school. Considering I’m joining the leadership team at my dojo, it’s good to see how a wide variety of people coach their student and how they work together when training.

Got to spend some time outside the dojo hanging out with Steve, Margey, Katelin and Joe having dinner and talking about the insane California housing market. I definitely don’t want to move to CA.

Spent some time with Scoble and Calacanis yesterday while they were hanging out at Demo. That was pretty cool, and I blogged about it over at TechGoesBoom.

This has been an interesting year for job stuff so far. Did an early phone interview for another place that’s interested in hiring me. Not too sure how it went as I’m not sure what it is they are looking for. I like the current job, but if they put a big number in front of me it will be hard to turn down.

Taxes this year are somewhat painful given that I’ve busted through the tax bracket barrier and being a single, non-home-owner have no tax shelters. I need to start a business or something. Since I changed jobs early in the year, and had some bonuses in there, somehow I paid out way too little and owe like $500 to the feds. Somehow, I’m getting $100 back from the state though, so that’s some relief.

Have I mentioned that sometimes I hate having a new car? Insurance and Registration is going to set me back $950 this month.

Good news on the money front is that my company is handing out bonuses this year and if I was a good boy, I’ll be getting a raise as well. These are things that make me happy.

I’m kicking around the idea of doing a kind of video notebook of my To Shin Do training so that I can have a reference of techniques better than just writing them down. I might put this online in some form, maybe even a Wiki if the people teaching me this stuff are cool with it. I imagine there could be a little ruffling of feathers around it.

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