T-mobile Why Do You Hate Me?

I really want a smart phone.

I passed on the treo 600. No bluetooth.

I thought about a Scoble Phone. No Pocket Quicken and lousy mac support through third parties. No proper SSH client. Although I was sorely tempted.

So we’ve talked about this. I’m a geek. I have web servers in my apartment. I don’t have SSH at work. I want it on my phone. I want a qwerty keyboard. I want pocket quicken. I want a decent rss reader. I want somewhat decent Mac syncing and support. The Treo is the only phone that currently offers this. PalmOne recently released the unlocked service-less 650 on their website for $599, then just days later jacked it up to $699. I don’t know why, but that extra hundred bucks pushed it into the “fuck you” range for me. Speculation is that Cingular pressured PalmOne to increase the price to make their bluetooth crippled, 2 year contract bearing version of the 650 a better deal. Either way, I’m not spending $700 on a phone.

I’d be happy to buy one from T-mobile, but they don’t have it yet. T-Mobile has great plans, but crappy phone adoption. They are always behind on new phones. I guess this is because they are less aggressive with negotiating contracts with phone vendors.

I could go to Cingular, but their plans are more expensive, and I can’t find an unlimited data plan for a reasonable amount of money. AT&T has mmode for $25, and tmobile has a $20 unlimited plan. Maybe their page is just unclear? I’m not terribly happy about the whole 2 year contract thing either.

I really wish t-mobile would get with it and offer this phone. I might stop by the Cingular store on the way home to check up on their rates anyway.

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