Four Successful Days

New years eve was a lot of fun. Doug, his cousin and Nikki came down to hang out with us, and we ended up going to a little sushi place right down the road. We were planning on hitting the Scottsdale Block Party which was also right down the road from here, but $35 is a little rich for what you’re getting. We also tried to hit up Martini Ranch, but they had a $20 cover and we’re cheap. So instead we ate some sushi and hung out with the 30 other people there. Much fun was had. This is of course a break from the Casey Moore’s tradition that we have been upholding for the better part of 5 years, and that made me kind of sad, but it was a long drive and Doug and crew showed up late. I doubt we could have made it in time.

Looks like most of the work on the server is done. All domains are now resolving to the server, and you’re reading this off it right now. Got e-mail up over SSL. I’m still debating whether or not to get spam assassin running. Unfortunately the settings to do it get over written if you use server admin to change mail settings afterward. Hopefully Tiger server will fix this. For the time being, I’ve got a blacklist up from that will hopefully help. If I need to install spam assassin I will.

Also got a stats package installed that I thought would be a horrible pain, but it wasn’t all that bad. Only a mildly discomforting pain.

Learning photo is now up as well. Now I just need to post some more things. But I am lazy and have video games to play.

Speaking of which, Knights of the Old Republic is a good deal of fun, but has some issues. There’s a lot of glitches in it, and it’s obvious they rushed it out for the holiday season. It’s using the same engine as the original KOTOR which would be fine if they had resolved the issues it had, which are numerous especially concerning movement and collision detection. Considering they’ve had a year to fix the issues, you think they would have at least done something. But if you liked KOTOR, you can’t go too wrong with this one.

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