Another 4 Day Weekend

As I start my roll into another 4 day weekend for the new years holiday there is good news. I’ve got the server almost ready to go and found a DNS provider who allows for up to 25 domains free. I’ve got Kelli’s site up and running and all of her entries imported. Just need to get learningphoto moved over, the virtual domains set up and then e-mail. I’m expecting to have the server live by the 1st. The Big Swede’s box seems to be doing fine after some initial hick-ups with MT-Blacklist, but a little DB purge seems to have gotten that under control.

Swapped the drive in the server as it was old and insanely loud. The server rack is currently out in the open in my office and having loud HDs going at all times is not kosher. If Apple does indeed release a headless iMac at 1.25ghz for that $500 price point, I’ll have one on order as soon as it’s announced to replace the 450 that is currently acting as the server.

Got the Honda back yesterday and everything is looking good. I’m happy to give up the Altima. That thing was a boat.

Once I have the server up, I’m sure the time will be divided with Kelli and I fighting over playing KOTORII and Pikmin II. Should be fun.

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