More Server Stuff

Being a web server admin is a never ending task I tell ya.

Now that I’m using a pretty excellent web stats package, AWstats, I’ve noticed the crappy amounts of referrer spam I’m getting. Referrer spam sucks. So I’m going to start maintaining a .htaccess file to kill the bastards. It will also be used to kill malicious bots who seek to do annoying things. For reference:

Kill Bots: Dive into Mark

Referrer Spam: Here and Here

It would be nice to have a centralized blacklist for referrer spam like MT-Blacklist and a little perl script to keep it updated. MT-Blacklist along with MT 3.1.4 is doing an excellent job of keeping comment spam out so far and I’m really happy with it.

For Movable Type admins that are using a shared install with multiple domains,<$MTCGIRelativeURL$> is your happy friend, use it to replace <$MTCGIPATH$> so your users aren’t getting URLs for domains they aren’t on. It would be really nice if MT didn’t pass variables in URLs (like blog id) and instead used cookies.

If I feel like torturing myself later, I may try to get threaded comments up and running. Not a whole lot of need for it mind you, but at TGB we have almost as many comments as entries, and I know some of those could benefit from threading.

Replaced the search on TGB with a google search as I didn’t want to set up alternate template files and all the crap MT makes you do to get to it. Besides, it’s less load on the server. I’ll probably do it for this site as well soonly.

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