Ughh dentists.

Today I had the distinct privilege of having a dental hygienist scrap at my gums for half an hour. While there’s nothing major, I need to keep an eye on things to prevent periodontal disease, and I haven’t had a cleaning in a year. That was all made up for today. Ouch.

Soon I’ll be going in to have old fillings on my front teeth replaced, and I am filled with dread. I like most sane people hate dentists. I probably hate them more than most though due to my insane tolerance to pain medication and the quickness of my metabolism getting rid of the medication. This is the last of the replacements, most of which happened last year, which is good, meaning that I won’t need anything other than cleanings for the next bunch of years. This is a good thing. Did I mention I hate dentists?

When will our new cyborg bodies be ready again?