Geek Day

Last night, the main boot drive in fluffy decided to die. It was a 60 gig maxtor that was over 3 years old. I had just finished transfering some files to the RAID and my SSH session died. I thought that the network card had dies. It was late, and I decided to deal with it in the morning.

Morning came and I plugged the machine into a monitor to see what was going on. The bios informed me of the death. So it was off to Fry’s. I was planning on getting a small drive to replace it, but as many of you know, small capacity drives nowadays aren’t much cheaper than large ones. a 20gig drive was $60. A 250gig drive was $129. You can imagine which way I went. So I replaced a 120gig drive I had in a case with the new 250 and fluffy gets an upgrade.

I had been meaning to upgrade to suse 9.1, so i decided now was a good time to do that since I was having to do a re-install anyway. Got the OS installed, but the RAID wouldn’t mount, and it would screw up the kernel. Whee. I fought with that for about 3 hours before consulting the oracle and learning that suse 9.1 needs a patch to deal with a memory leak in the XFS file system that shipped on the install disks.

Then I just had to get everything set up again.

But things are now back to normal, so there is no need to fear.