Strange Lights over Phoenix

So anyone who has lived in phoenix for a period of time knows about the lights. There was a much publicized sighting in 1997, and on the 14th of this month, they showed up again, and coincided with a big power outage that shut down a nuclear power plant here in the valley. News here. These things are intensely weird. While I did not see them this time, I saw them about 4 years back hovering over another part of Phoenix.

I have no idea what these things are, and it always seems like local officials have different explainations each time. When I saw them, they stayed absolutely still for about half an hour, in a V formation, exactly like what you see in the videos and pics from this time. Then they slowly drifted apart in all different directions. Some disappeared, but some just flew away like a plane.

I would love to see a legitimate explanation for these things.