New things

Couple of new things since coming back from CA:

Bought a Dual 2Ghz G5. Got it for a great deal. Immediately installed another 512MB RAM, an additional 250GB Western Digital HD, and replaced the Pioneer 106 with a Lite-On 411s which burns DVD-R at 4x, DVD+R at 8x and CDs at 40x. The 106 burns CDs at a measly 16x. Phhsaw I say. I need another 512 ram for it and I will be happy.

Used the 10.3.4 migration feature to move things over from the old machine. The only things it didn’t get were some Kernel extensions and some of my X11 install (it broke). Not a biggie.

I’m looking to get about 3-4 slot loading imacs to mount in racks and use for server testing. I want to post some exercises on how to do Open Directory replication, IP Failover and a couple of other cool things in Mac OS X and need a number of machines to do it all. I want to rack mount them so they don’t take up a lot of room. Unfortunately, this is really expensive. Marathon Computer offers a really nice rack mount box with front FW and USB ports, but they are insanely expensive at $400. I would pay $200 a piece for something like this, but they are way out of my ball park at this price point.

John May did a project like this back with the tray loading imacs. You can find it here. But he only tells how to do it in a $40 instruction booklet. Trying to do this cheap here.

If anyone already has a slot loading marathon rack that they would like to sell cheap, or knows of a rack mount case that would be a good start for making my own, let me know.