Almost a week

So, things are cruising along at the new job. We’re working on hammering out a better backup plan, and getting all the machines documented along with their licenses. It’s a lot of fun. They have a nazi internet policy and they block pretty much every port you can think of besides web and ftp, which they run through a proxy. You can’t even check your e-mail unless you’re using lotus notes or hitting a webmail server. Lot’s of fun. This is imposed by parent company who is living in the dark ages. To give you an idea, all the PCs are running NT 4 workstation. I’m not fucking kidding. And they still get viruses. RIght now the majority of the PCs are having weird SMB permissions issues when connecting to some shares, but not in any sensical way. I think they just have the network locked down so tight that some things are suffering as a result. O well.

I should be off to OS X server training by the end of this month, which will be pretty cool. I think I’m got to take it in Cupertino and see if my campus badge still works.

Filemaker Pro 7 is now released and looks to be a pretty big improvement to 6. While they have not addressed all the issues (still no scroll wheel support? Are you kidding?), it looks like a more substantial update than the last 3 combined. I plan on playing around with it at work tomorrow to see how it drives.

Need to start getting back out there to shoot photos. I’m thinking about a project where I take at least one photo a day for a month just to see what I turn up with when I have to use normal every day locations. Now that I’m living a much more laid back life-style, I need to also start working on my photo website and super secret project with The Big Sweed.

This album is fucking great.

Listening to: “A Hundred Days Off” by Underworld