Notes from work

RSS aggregators do not work through our firewall which requires authentication even for port 80 (since not everyone gets access to the productivity killing intarweb). NetNewsWire does not allow for proxy authentication. Neither does Mac OS X 10.2’s network system preference. It only allows you to set the proxy server and port. 10.3 has solved this problem. So I must bring my box up to 10.3. Which I must get a licence for. Sigh.

Filemaker still falls down in the face of LAMP solutions even for simple database solutions. Even though 7 allows for multiple tables within one database file, it’s still terrible getting it to display information in a sane way. I shouldn’t have to create an entire table simply for presenting information from other tables. Also, not having true query access to the tables makes you jump through hoops to preset aggregated data. I want to display 4 different result sets based off of year and category of expenses on one page, separated and totaled. I’m pulling from 2 tables, and it should be easy as pie. But no. Filemaker’s convoluted portal solution along with their insistence that everything on the layout that has logic has to be a field in some table is maddening. I could make this solution pretty quickly with LAMP, and it should be something I can bust out in an hour with filemaker. I’m sure that I can make it happen through some insane scripting and self-join voodoo, but really, should it be this hard? I wonder why filemaker remains a niche solution.

Did a little design documentation on the SSP(Super Secret Project) and even found a suitable domain name for it. I’m starting to get jazzed up about it again.

Congrats to the Big Sweed for finding a real job and rejoining the workforce. My condolences to the Pony Tail man for getting a little worked in the process.

My friends Val and Johan have finally agreed to end each others singlehood and get hitched. How wonderfully domestic. See, you move to california and then get all these crazy ideas in your heads.

Listening to: “Baraka” by Michael Stearns