Under the Radar

So, I’ve been laying pretty low recently. I’ve been neglecting you, my readership, and for that I am sorry.

Many of you may be wondering how my new job is going. It is going very well. Much as I had expected, it is super mellow. A huge change from Apple. Being a Mac Genius is a very high stress job. By comparison, this job is a cakewalk. I’m very afraid of terminal boredom actually. There has been a lot of change-over action with me learning how they are doing their backups, how they have constructed their filemaker database and so on. Good clean fun.

I really want a Treo 600, but I want it to have bluetooth. I like bluetooth. Bluetooth is good. There is a rumor about a 610 being released, with a 320×320 screen, more memory and bluetooth. But nothing has been seen of this rumored device. I want a palm again, but I don’t want to carry a separate device.

The Girlfriend is out of town visiting parents and a grandparent for fun in Nevada. So I am being lazy getting lots of sleep. Sleep is good. Speaking of which….