Times they are a changin

Some new things in the life of Joe. They are as follows.

So, as of tuesday I have given notice at my job. For the last 2 years I have been working for Apple in their retail stores. In 2 weeks I will be starting a new job working for an insurance company as one of their LAN administrators. It sounds sad, but I really look forward to working a 8 to 5 monday – friday job after years of one weekend off a month. It’s a pretty good step up for me, and a good opportunity for future job action.

Today I entrenched myself in the world of crushing consumer debt. I bought a new Honda Civic sedan. I got it for a pretty good deal. I have to recommend edmunds.com for it’s Confessions of a Car Salesman article. It undoubtedly saved me from getting ripped off.

I am slowly being enmeshed into our consumer society, and while it frightens me, I am happily distracted by the shiny goodness of my new possessions.