Damn your eyes again Samba

So, one of my Maxtors was no good. It was exceedingly weird. When formatted into the RAID it would fail immediately. But when I threw it into the Mac, I wrote zeros to the whole thing and all was well. No BS at all. Throw it back in the RAID, and it failed immediately again. Luckily, I was on the last day of my return window and went to exchange it out. New one in place, and the RAID is happy. But…..

Samba sucks again. Gone are the happy times of 20MB/sec, back to 800K/sec. Fucking shit. So, re-install SuSE just for kicks, set everything back up.. nope. Still slow. Try hooking up Kelli’s new lappy to my box and it gets 12MB/sec over samba (and maxes out her processor). So, I fire up VSFTPd and start the FTP action from my OS X box to the linux RAID. 30MB/Sec, which is pretty close to what my drive can read at. So it’s not the network. It’s just something in linux. I’m going to try some more updating to see if I can get Samba back working at good speeds. Damned samba. I’m still unsure what is causing the problem.