Fluffy is a happy box

So, the linux RAID is up and happy for the most part with 3 drives. It’s currently getting around 36MB/s writes, and 110MB/s reads. Not to shabby for 3 drives. I’m still waiting on another 250GB drive to fly it’s way back from Alaska. And I need some temporary storage to place my files so that I can swap the 250 from my mac over to Fluffy.

I’m getting about 20MB/s over the gigabit ethernet from my OS X box, which I suspect is borked. I’m not processor maxing on either of the boxes. My laptop, which is only 10/100 will max out the line speed entirely. I need to do some more

Fluffy was having overheating problems and hard freezing. I clocked it down from 2500 to 1900 in the bios, which made everything happy again. Stupid hot Athlons. So I went to Fry’s to pick up a new heatsink/fan combo, and got the thermaltake volcano 9. I put it on, started it up, then took it back off. It reduced the temp about 4°C, and make the computer sound like a jet engine. No joke. I will exchange the processor cycles I am not using anyway, for precious silence. I also got a fan for the front of the machine to cool the super hot Maxtor 250GB, 7200 RPM drives. Any of you linux dorks out there know how to make SuSE 9 spin down drives when not in use for a little while? There’s no reason for them to be running full bore all the time when the machine is getting used at a maximum for about 2 hours a day.

Thankfully, unlike bishop, I have had no HD failures, which makes me happy.

My domestic other will soon by getting her hang out time back if things continue to go well.