Hurray … Kind of

So, I did some experimenting. I started up FTP on Fluffy my RAID box, and did some tinkering. Transfering files to the server I was getting about 30mb/s. Not bad, but not great. I scratched my head for a little bit, then decided to create a RAM disk on the OS X box and put a 500 mb file in it. When I uploaded that over FTP I was getting in the range of 75MB/sec with bursting up to 89MB/sec. Now that’s the ball park we’re looking for. I’m actually suprised that a RAID 5 with only 3 drives can sustain that kind of throughput. So gigabit it working like a champ, the RAID is working like a champ with no bottlenecks. Hurray.

But, I still can’t get samba to work for shit. I’m getting about 150K/s on writes to the server and 5MB/s reads vs. 20MB/s reads (writing to a slow drive) for FTP. I put in a completely clean SMB.conf, same deal. New optimised SMB.conf, same deal. Updated to the newest samba version, same deal. The firewall is completely off, and I’m not running a firewall on my client system at all. I don’t know what’s broken here, but something is. I’m downloading Slackware 9.1 in hopes that it’s more tightly put together.

I was considering debian, but considering their conservative device support decisions, it’s kind of a pain in the ass getting my MLB working with it. It takes a new kernel, which I don’t want to do. Maybe when my pain threshold is greater. Here’s hoping slackware is not quite so lame.

Listening to: “none” by Jaïa