The Learning Curve

So, Nic in his little post talks about how geeks are increasingly becoming infuriated with the great teaming masses of unwashed computer n00bs who are polluting the once pristine internet with their mindless viral spreading. At one point he mentions learning to drive as a simile for learning about how to use their computers. It’s a good point.

Computers are not easy to use. They probably never will be. At least not easy enough for most people. They require an investment of time and energy to get real benefits. Computers are not toasters. People often forget how long it took them to learn how to drive. Most people take months to feel like they’re not going to hit the car coming the opposite direction, or to get a feel for how big their car is, or how to back up. They have invested a huge amount of time and attention to be able to just drive down the road. But they do it so much it becomes second nature. Computers are the same way. Invest the time, and you’ll enjoy your computer a lot more.

Of course, there are adult education issues and all that. Being old and not wanting to learn new things. And that’s fine, but just stick to the pencil and paper okay?