Damn your eyes Samba

So last night was a busy one.

Re-installed Fedora FC-1, installed 3 250mb drives and set them up in a test RAID which was easier than I thought. Created /mnt/raid, mke2fs, mount, and viola. B0rked my XFree86 install, ssh’d in to fix it. Then it was time for the testing.

Hooked up the new gigabit switch, and plugged everything in.

Turned on Samba on the linux box, set up my share. Tried connecting. Get error about name and password. Allow null passwords for samba, no joy. Kill firewall on linux box because I don’t know how to edit ipfw entries. I can log in. w00t. Try to drag files over to the share. Nope. Long file name error. So I monkey around with the smb.conf to get long file names. No joy. Mac OS X is still giving me long file name errors. After about an hour of chasing my tail it dawns on me. File system permissions. I had made the share writable in the smb.conf, but needed to make it writable in the shell. chmod 777. And we’re golden. Drop a file on the share and start crying. 150kb/s upload. ACK. Test down speed. 20MB file is done downloading before I can switch windows to check the speed. Okay. Let’s see if something is fucked up here. Turn on FTP on the Mac OS X box. Upload from the Mac OS X to the linux box, and again, faster than I can track. Okay, samba is b0rked.

I’ve looked around on the web to see if there isn’t some strange upload issue with samba. And a lot of people report this problem, in a lot of different environments. But I can’t find a clear solution to this. And of you guys familiar with this issue? It’s a pretty much stock Fedora install getting 150kb/s on gigabit ethernet. It is the server, I’ve replicated it on 2 different client machines. And it is samba, as the problem isn’t there in FTP. Help me.