Bluetooth Headsets for iChat

Well, it’s been released. Bluetooth 1.5 from apple allows you to pair your jabra headset with your mac and use it with ichat. I’ve played around with it and it’s tre cool. If you’re just using it for iChat, it works like a champ. If you instead decide to make it your default audio out on your machine so that you can listen to itunes, it can get a little sticky.

I stopped playing my itunes, and the headset turned off. I then went to the quicktime page and watched some trailers. Audio lagged behind the video by a good margin. Also, if you leave the device paired with no audio, so that it goes into sleep mode, if you get a system alert, it will turn on the headset, play no audio, and then refuse to play any audio at all until you go into the system prefs and reset it as the audio output device.

All told, it’s a cool little use for the headset that is inevitably going to make some people very happy.