iPod Mini

Soonly the iPod Mini will be unleashed upon the world. On friday I will be snagging one. I have been going through my ipod culling out the music I haven’t listened to in a while. I’m down to about 4GB of tunes which are encoded at 192 MP3. I will most likely be doing some AAC encoding to squeeze a little more lovin onto the mini.

I have noticed, like others, that the more music I have, the less I seem to listen to. At any one time there are probably 4 cds that I listen to with any frequency. Basement Jaxx has been a big one recently, along with The Darkness.

I made a little mockup of the iPod Mini. Tape together half an inch of business cards. That’s how big it is. It’s really small. I think that all the nay-saying on the web is going to come to a stop (or at least die down) when people actually have these things in their hands.