Guys, this will kill you

Interesting scene today while picking up prescriptions at my local CVS. They have started drive up testing, which is amazing. They were putting test people in the left lane, prescription people in the right. When I got there, the test lane was six cars deep, when I left it was probably more like 10.

Every car in the test lane was a Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, etc. Almost every one of them looked and sounded sick as death. One guy in a Lexus SUV seemed constantly on the verge of passing out during his test.

After waiting roughly 20 minutes to pick up my prescriptions I left. In the same building as CVS, I drove past a back-patio bar and outdoor volleyball court, both of which were packed with people who were in no way socially distanced. And of course no one was wearing a mask.

It was a crazy juxtaposition seeing people partying and having a great time less than 300 feet from a seemingly endless testing line of wealthy sick people who were probably participating in that same party environment two weeks ago.

I can’t emphasize this enough, again, Covid is legit. It will kill you or someone you love regardless of your socioeconomic status if you don’t take it seriously.

If you wait until you can’t breathe to get a test or pursue healthcare, you are putting your life at risk (and also everyone else’s if you aren’t quarantining.)

Wear a mask in public, even if outside. If you have symptoms, quarantine and get tested. If you’re even thinking that you’re positive tell everyone you’ve been in contact with over the last two weeks.

Terminal Covid patients are dying alone (other than heroic hospital staff). They aren’t allowed visitors. They are dying with their last family conversations over Facetime if they are lucky. That’s if they are conscious. You probably don’t want that.

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