Let’s fight ACB

Remember when the Dems said they were going to fight tooth and nail to prevent the confirmation of ACB? “Nothing is off the table” they said. Remember this when and or if Biden wins. “Nothing” was apparently the only thing on the table.

Democrats did exactly nothing (other than performative theater) to actually delay the confirmation.

They had a warchest of tactics they could have used: Like

And they did exactly the one (motion to adjourn) that was easily defeated.

Having a 6/3 conservative court is a fundraising wet dream for the dems for at least the next 40 years. If you think they actually give a shit about jurisprudence that will never affect them or anyone they care about, you are a crazy person.

When next you are yelled at about how important it is to vote for a candidate who doesn’t represent you or your values, and is eagerly selling out your future to corporate interests and never-ending war; when they bring out the bludgeon of the supreme court, when it really mattered (by their own standard), they did nothing to stop it.

If the dems control congress, the senate and the white house, will they impeach ACB? No they will not.

Will Biden add 4 more liberal justices to the SCOTUS? Yes, I’m sure the guy who railroaded Anita Hill to make sure Clarence Thomas was confirmed will get right on that.

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