Release days are entertaining

So I’m on a website change rollout this evening, 6pm on. Trying to keep my IT dork friends engaged. I had been sharing music I’ve been listening to.

IT friend: we are still working with DNS team. It’s taking longer than expected.

Me: Okay, I’m going to try and find a song about DNS. Wish me luck.

Me: This is already harder than I thought it would be.

Me: Apparently I need to write a song about DNS because there is nothing out there.

IT people: “crickets”

Me:, cloudflare DNS is killing it son! Me: Super-fast domain resolution ME: IP location, ain’t no confusion. Me: Kick it Aneesh!

Aneesh: “crickets”

Me: FQDN’s are the name of the game,
ME: But every now and then you need to do a CNAME!
Me: Where my DNS nerds at!?

Everyone: “crickets”

Aneesh: We are almost done. We need to make a small change.

IT people: ok.

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