Bond, Jane Bond

Interesting pop-culture conundrum: Let’s cast a black woman as 007 in 2019…

Okay. This is a new thing. James bond as written, is arguably a male power-fantasy as seen through the eyes of post-war England.

That’s a polite way of saying: Bond is a fantasy seen through the eyes of the ruling class of a country who desperately wanted to hold onto the supremacy of the British empire after Truman dismantled the stranglehold on British colonies post WWII.

Bond was an impressive feat of domestic propaganda designed to make the bumbling and incompetent British intelligence apparatus an object of admiration.

Without any genuine accomplishments to call on, the propaganda appealed to stereotypical, desirable male characteristics… confidence, self-assurance, assertiveness and ultimately somewhat reluctant violence, that ultimately lead to (fictional) success.

This leads to the inevitable question: how to do you translate the thinly-veiled anglo-saxon jingoism of the traditional Bond franchise into a story that can be told by a woman of color?

There might be something interesting here. Someone could do something cool with Bond, the British occupation of North Africa, that would ultimately end up damning Britain’s last ambitions of exploiting the African continent’s resources. That would be extremely impressive to me.

Things: If we’re rolling out into the 2010’s sensibilities as we seem to be

Can women agents in a fictional context: * Lure heterosexual men into compromising info using sexuality * Lure Bi/homosexual women into compromising info using sexuality * Promise incentives in exchange for sexual favors * Demand information through physically threatening behaviors * Demand information while threatening domestically damaging or politically damaging information *protect the British government from having any legal involvement in any of the above

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