MMA Drug Use

Surprise, a bunch of MMA fighters are using drugs! Including Royce Gracie!

Nothing earth shattering here. MMA fighters in the beginning included a lot of doughy middle aged karate instructors. It didn’t take too long for very well conditioned athletes to start filling the ranks. These days, most competitors are in very good shape when they compete, and have crushing training schedules that are incredibly hard on their bodies.

Like football players, the training alone for most elite MMA fighters would keep them laid up. They sustain pretty major injuries, and have huge amounts of wear and tear on their joints. The roids allow for greatly accelerated healing, and all around tolerance of their insane training. Regardless of wether they use the roids for the fights themselves, they need them to prepare for the fights more than anything.

Personally, I think the UFC and Pride need to institute random drug testing to all their contracted fighters.

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