Good News Everybody!

Last October I had a physical. All was well in the world besides my jacked up neck, but we all know about that. Along with the physical came a fasting blood test.

A couple weeks later, I get a call back that they’d like to do the test again because my blood sugar was a little on the high side. I legitimately was super busy those next couple of weeks, and after that, just put it off because I was a little freaked out. I had already started pursuing eating a lot better, and truthfully wasn’t really freaked out until I heard someone mention offhandedly that you can’t get medical insurance when you have Diabetes. What now? That’s fucked up. For someone who is as involved in the martial arts as I am, that’s not a good thing. Forget the whole feet falling off when you get older aspect of it.

Had the years of Pepsi and Pop Tarts finally made me insulin tolerant? Were the people who were angry that I weighed 140 pounds while pounding down sugary food, and cursed me with diabetes, finally going to get their wish?

So while it wasn’t dominating my thoughts, I would have little freakouts whenever diabetes came up in conversation or an ad came on for blood monitors.

So a couple of weeks ago I finally manned up and went back for the test. And heard while I was there that the note in the file was “slightly elevated blood sugar”. That helped me relax a bit. Of course, I then heard nothing from my doctors until I called them today to bug them. And of course all is right in the world and skinny ass Joe, who has no family history of diabetes, and almost none of the risk factors, has nothing to worry about.

Apparently cholesterol is all good as well.

Good times.

Pop Tarts FTW!

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