Everything's coming up roses

Last weekend was a busy one, but a good one. Here’s the report:

Friday night I had my graduation to Brown/Black belt, which means if everything goes according to plan, I should have my Black Belt in 3 short months. Whee! I also dropped off the prints with Geoff for the show on Saturday.

Saturday I went to see 300, and it was everything I thought it could be. Like Nic said, the plot is pretty 2 dimensional, which is exactly what I was expecting, and I totally dug it. Though I did wonder where they managed to pack food and water for a 2 day siege wearing only codpieces and capes.

Saturday Evening was the show, and it was by far the largest one Geoff has thrown. There was a strong crowd all the way until 3am when I left. One print sold about half an hour after I got there, and the buyer was considering buying both herself, but ultimately decided to get just one of them. We talked for a while about photography, and she resolved to buy a copy of my other print later this week. A few hours later the other print sold to my favorite bar owner, who’s wife is fond of my work.

Both prints were very well received, and I ended up having in-depth discussions about both throughout the evening. I expected the Alaska photo to be a little harder to sell given its abstract framing, but it got tons of attention and went first. I also got a little talking to about selling my work too cheaply. I love that.

Sunday evening Kelli and I went to a charity event for the Boys and Girls club that was held at Rawhide down in BFE chandler. It was very hot, extremely crowded, and insanely loud. We tried to tough it out, but ended up leaving within 45 minutes.

Here’s a new image from the Page weekend:

Framed Cave

It’s a cave that has had a door frame installed. It’s from the start of the trailhead for Oak Creek Canyon. This is a 3 image stitch, and it’s hard to appreciate at smaller sizes. It makes a great print, but it’s a little flat on screen.

Here’s the stitched HDR of Horseshoe Bend:

Horseshoe Bend HDR

I thought I would leave it pretty raw so people could see the edges of the pano.

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